The Boozy Cauldron Tavern: A Magical Cocktail Experience
Fri Jun 17 6:00 pm (Doors: 5:30 pm )

About This Event

General Info Date: June 17, 2022 Friday: 6 p.m. Duration: 90 minutes Location: Lobo Theater Age requirement: 21+ with valid ID   The Boozy Cauldron Tavern is popping up in Albuquerque for a 4-part cocktail experience led by Professor Dolohov Draven and his top students. You will be taken on a magical journey where you can imbibe on the four delicious signature cocktails (including the Tavern’s Famous Butternilla Brew) and hear and feel the stories surrounding the famous tavern and the ghosts that still haunt the establishment. Be quick to head over, for the Boozy Cauldron travels the nation and only appears for a limited time in select cities; after its last day, the portal closes and the Tavern disappears!